Macron warns against risks of escalation in Ukraine war

Paris, Nov 9 (EFE).- France’s president Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday warned of the risks of escalation in the war in Ukraine.

Macron was speaking as he presented France’s strategic review on defense and national security, in light of the Russian invasion of its neighbor and an increase in hybrid security threats.

What Ukraine is currently facing is a “massive acceleration and clarification” of warning signs that had emerged in the past, Macron said in a speech delivered on a helicopter carrier at Toulon military base.

“This war shows the state of the world we are in… a dangerous time in which the old stability is disputed and the new one has not arrived yet,” he said.

Macron warned of “hybrid threats” and the high-intensity warfare between countries as well as the growing use of drones in Ukraine and cyber-security.

The French leader pointed out that these threats could even affect quantum technology, artificial intelligence, and hypervelocity.

France wants to remain an “independent, respected and agile power at the heart of the European strategic autonomy, tied to the Atlantic Alliance,” and to preserve multilateralism and international law, Macron said.

Under the new strategic policy, France aims to be an “ideal ally in the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council” and to guarantee the security of Eastern Europe if necessary, according to Macron.

The defense review is part of Nato’s 2022 strategic concept and the EU’s strategic compass.

“It represents an update of our vision of the threat and our strategic analysis of the world,” Macron highlighted. EFE


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