Macron’s race against time to win over public opinion

By Luis Miguel Pascual

Paris, Jul 11 (efe-epa).- French president Emmanuel Macron is under pressure to reverse his fortunes in public opinion polls should he wish to run in the elections again two years from now.

To that end, he has remodeled his government with the objective of pulling France out of the post-coronavirus economic crisis within 600 days.

The government’s roadmap will be laid out on Tuesday, which is Bastille Day, a national holiday in which the president traditionally addresses the French public.

He has said he wants a government of action, which is why he appointed long-time civil servant Jean Castex, the man who designed France’s easing of the Covid-19 lockdown, as the new prime minister.

Largely unknown to the public until a few days ago, Castex will be in charge of enforcing Macron’s plans. He is due to address the National Assembly the day after Bastille Day.

The president needs to find the key to boosting his popularity.

Elected in 2017 as an outsider to the stalwart parties of French politics, Macron has since struggled to secure popularity among the public, partly down to the fact that his first policies were to push through unpopular reforms in the labor market and the rail industry.

The last attempted reform from the Macron presidency was the pension system, which pitted the French leader against a strong union backlash that left him on the ropes.

Coronavirus paralized everything, including the proposed reforms, which were shelved while the government focused on the health crisis.

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