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‘Magister Raffaello,’ an audiovisual exhibition of a Renaissance genius

By Monica Rubalcava

Mexico City, Apr 16 (EFE).- The details of the life and work of Raphael, one of the greatest exponents of the Renaissance, are displayed in an audiovisual exhibition that reinvents the study of art at the central gallery of the National Center of the Arts (Cenart) in Mexico’s capital.

“It is a multimedia exhibition and tells the story not only of the work, but of Raphael’s life and allows us to understand its historical context, the cities where he was,” said Ana del Castillo, coordinator of Cenart exhibitions.

Divided into six sections, the exhibition makes a map of the cities inhabited by the painter born in Urbino (Italy), including his arrival in large cities such as Rome and Florence, where artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo also lived.

“The exhibition allows us to see his failures, his successes, his travels and understand the importance of Renaissance art, of this particular moment in the history of universal art,” Del Castillo said.

The route is made up of emblematic works from each of these stages and “The Marriage of the Virgin” and “The School of Athens” stand out for their popularity, a work detailed in the audio guide that accompanies visitors.

The exhibition, framed by the 500 years since the death of the teacher in 2020, begins its tour of Latin America in Mexico from Apr. 18, after having been in countries such as Vietnam and Austria.

This is an important collaboration between Cenart, the Italian Institute of Culture and the Italian Embassy, ??according to Del Castillo, adding that it was led and carried out by Italian company Magister Art.

The tour was made for adults and children, as the latter will have the opportunity to listen to a special children’s version and attendees are asked to bring their own cell phone and headphones to fully enjoy the tour.

The exhibition will be run through May 30 with a reduced schedule Thursday to Sunday, in the hope that the Covid-19 pandemic will allow the center to open during normal hours, and prior registration on the exhibition’s official page will be necessary to access it.

“Magister Raffaello, a wonderful journey through Italian Renaissance” is an alternative created during the pandemic to continue to safely promote art in the world.

“They are traveling exhibitions made up of architectural elements of different sizes and that allows remote management of the assembly part,” said Magister Art’s production manager Selena Russo, who worked from Italy on the logistics of the project and traveled to Mexico for inspection.

In addition to his work as a painter, for which he is most famous, Raphael made great contributions to the architecture of his time with his revolutionary thought and artistic creativity, which was also reflected in his pictorial works.

At 25, the painter was tasked with decorating the Vatican interiors, where he carried out one of his most recognized and valued works in the world of art: “The School of Athens.” EFE


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