Mapfre sees new mobility as balancing sustainability and profitability

Madrid, June 9 (EFE).- Mapfre Group CEO Antonio Huertas has said that the green transition represents a moment of opportunity to reinforce “social values” behind the economy, which are to also allow us to “responsibly manage” assets in terms of sustainability and economic viability.

In an interview with Agencia EFE, the executive pointed out that the world situation is complex and that, to achieve balance, public-private collaboration is needed to generate “solutions that are appropriate to the country’s situation.”

His company has been working for years to show that it is possible to “optimize” people’s investments with sustainable products and profitability.

Mapfre is to take part in the first Global Mobility Call (GMC) congress, to be held from June 14 to 16 at IFEMA Madrid, where it will be present with other companies and institutions in the sector to address the challenges and opportunities of sustainable mobility.

The company will use the opportunity to present some of their projects focused on this area, such as its Sustainability Plan approved at its last shareholders’ meeting.

The document, which is to support its business strategy for the next three years, is aimed at extending its neutral emissions policy already achieved in Spain and Portugal to the main countries in which Mapfre operates by 2024, and to be globally neutral by 2030.

In addition, they want to certify all preferred home, auto, health and purchasing providers in Mapfre’s main markets; to maintain inclusive labor policies so that people with disabilities account for at least 3.5 percent of the workforce; and not to invest in coal, gas and oil companies that are not committed to an energy transition plan.

On a practical level, through its R&D center, CESVIMAP, Mapfre has developed programs to reduce the levels of polluting emissions based on studies on, among others, electrified vehicles and trends such as the car, moped and electric scooter sharing.

“We are a major insurer of mobility that has been in operation for the last 50 years, we have more than 15 million cars insured worldwide and that has motivated us all this time to be innovative and work on improving accident prevention,” explained Huertas.

The CEO said the decisions form part of “the social obligation to promote everything that helps to accelerate decarbonization” and, as a company, to be an active part of the necessary transition to achieve a “better and more sustainable” world.

In his opinion, we are at an extraordinary moment on the road to a carbon neutral footprint and, to this end, “we all have to add, support and contribute to the development of the concept of a new modality that is needed.” EFE


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