Marc Márquez on his recovery: being hopeful is one thing, reality another

By Sergi Escudero

Barcelona, Spain, Jun 4 (EFE).- When Marc Márquez gets on his bike, he is mentally prepared but physically he’s not quite there yet, he tells Efe in an interview.

The six-times MotoGP champion is still recovering from a fractured humerus he suffered during the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez, which has required three surgeries.

Speaking ahead of the Catalan GP, he explains that his results on the track have taken a back seat for now and that he is more focused on regaining his mental composure on the Honda.

The Spaniard does not rule out gunning for a podium position, or even a race win, in the latter part of the season.

“When I got back on the motorbike for the first time in Portimao, I was excited, to believe that things would go well. I felt the same in Jerez. But that excitement meant frustration. Being hopeful is one thing, reality is another,” he says.

“You can have hope, but you also need to be clear about how far you can go. You should approach things with optimism while being realistic.”

At first he thought his recovery would be smooth but it has been something of a rollercoaster.

“There are irritations, pains. First one arises, then another. An inflammation here, and inflammation there.

“It’s forced me to put my excitement to one side and concentrate on the moment, accept what I’m going through and draw different motivations from it.”

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