Mattarella to agree to new term as Italian president

(Update 1: Adds Mattarella response, alters headline, lede)

Rome, Jan 29 (EFE).- Italy’s president Sergio Mattarella has accepted a request to continue his term in office and end a six-day electoral deadlock, the country’s main parties announced on Saturday.

Mattarella had previously said he wanted to retire and spend more time with his family.

“President Mattarella told us that he had other plans for his future,” senator Julia Unterberger said. “But amid the (current) situation he said that if he needed to lend a hand, he would be there.”

“He made himself available,” she added after a meeting with Mattarella at the Quirinal presidential palace, after the seventh round of votes concluded without a winner being declared.

The Five Star Movement’s Davide Crippa also said that Mattarella “answered that he will postpone the commitments made for the future.”

The main parties, except the far-right Brothers of Italy, said they would vote for Mattarella in the eighth session of the process to renew the head of state’s term.

Mattarella’s election would end the deadlock, as coalitions on the right and left have remained far apart since the parliamentary process began on Monday.

Italy’s president is a ceremonial figure who is responsible for resolving political crises and has the final say in nominating prime ministers and cabinet members. EFE


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