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Mexican collective vows to find missing daughter of slain activist

Puebla, Mexico, Oct 6 (EFE).- “Esmeralda listen, this is your fight!” the members of the Voice of the Disappeared collective shouted hundreds of times Thursday as both a cry for justice and a promise to Blanca Esmeralda Gallardo, an activist who was assassinated this week in the Mexican state of Puebla.

Members of the group gathered in the center of the state capital to offer prayers and encouragement to the relatives of the fallen activist.

At the event, the activists promised to continue the search for Gallardo’s daughter Betzabe, who went missing in January 2021, a cause that had occupied the heartbroken mother until her death.

The demonstrators gathered around a table that served as an altar, where they placed colored candles and roses that gave life to a photograph of Gallardo and her daughter, smiling and happy before their separation.

During the solemn ceremony, they raised their hands towards the photograph to ask God for the wisdom and the strength to move forward, as well as for those who continue looking for their relatives.

Voice of the Disappeared founder María Luisa Nuñez assured that Gallardo “will be remembered for eternity” because her struggle is the same as that of all the mothers who are searching for their children, of all those who want to see their missing loved ones again.

“Esmeralda today has become unforgettable. Esmeralda lives and will live forever not only in our memories and hearts, but also in the life of Puebla. Esmeralda’s life was taken from her and the state will never pay for this great debt they owe her,” Nuñez said.

Some members expressed outrage at the loss and recalled that, despite the fact that she was suffering due to the disappearance of her daughter, Gallardo would smile and encourage everyone to stay strong and keep hope that their missing kin would be found.

Gallardo was shot dead on Tuesday while waiting for public transport in Puebla.

Witnesses allege that at least five people shot her eight times before fleeing – some on a motorcycle and others on foot.

Her funeral was held on Wednesday, and on Thursday she was buried in Ciudad Mendoza, Veracruz. EFE


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