Mexican president calls Texas governor “inhumane” after 2 migrant deaths in Rio Grande

Mexico City, Aug 3 (EFE).- Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Thursday that the recent actions of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are “inhumane” after the deaths of two people in the Rio Grande, where the Republican governor has placed buoys and a wire fence to prevent migrants from crossing the river into his state.

“He shouldn’t act like that. It’s inhumane. (I’m telling him) … that no one should be treated like that, this is not (what) good people (do), and that only by being good can we be happy,” Lopez Obrador, known as AMLO, said during his morning press conference at the National Palace in Mexico City.

The Mexican leader was referring to the report regarding the discovery on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning of two bodies of apparent migrants in Piedras Negras, the city that lies across the Rio Grande – known in Mexico as the Rio Bravo – from Eagle Pass, Texas.

“Yesterday, the report was presented to us, the Foreign Affairs Secretariat (SRE) is looking at it, it’s learning about the nationalities (of the deceased persons),” he asserted, promising that “action will be taken.”

AMLO pointed out that he is already demanding that the buoys be removed from the river.

“It violates our sovereignty and also human rights and we are already working on it,” he said.

The Mexican government has raised its demands against the United States accusing Texas of violating bilateral water and human rights treaties with the buoys and the wire fence that Abbott ordered placed in the Rio Grande to stop migrants from crossing the river to enter the US.

The barriers set up by Texas authorities are in 305-meter (1,000-foot) section of the river in the Eagle Pass area, with 230 meters (755 feet) corresponding to Mexican territory, as the SRE has contended in two formal complaints sent to Washington on the matter.

In addition, Lopez Obrador has previously said that the new anti-immigrant barriers are “publicity” and “very vulgar,” going on to ask Texans not to vote for Abbott.

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