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Mexican, Spanish companies highlight mutual business opportunities

Mexico City, Apr 4 (EFE).- Mexican and Spanish business people highlighted the importance of opportunities between the two countries, despite the impact of the global crisis, at a lunch organized by EFE in Mexico City on Monday.

At the event, EFE’s president Gabriela Cañas explained the importance of the EFEComunica business line launched in 2020 to help companies generate new informative content that explains corporate responsibility projects and their contribution to sectors such as the environment, equality and health.

“EFE feels comfortable with companies that believe in transparency and, of course, that believe in a free press,” said Cañas at the lunch.

“We do not want to settle for the spreading of press releases, more or less elaborated on by the newsroom. We want to help companies communicate with customers, connect emerging markets, or help attract more investors and business,” she added.

“EFEComunica is already working as a crucial unit in charge of organizing events or products on demand, but it is working above all as an agitator of public debate, be it on European recovery funds, or on new techniques in the fight against cancer, or the promotion of sport and the desire to excel.”

At the meeting, Intel México Country Manager Santiago Cardona said that the role of EFE is important because it helps to understand the role of companies like his, which is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world.

He recalled that Intel recently announced an investment of more than 80 billion euros in the European Union. These investments, he added, will come to Spain to expand its manufacturing capacity but also in research and development.

Referring to the Spain-Mexico relationship, Marco Antonio Soto, managing director of Ainvest, stated that Spanish investors “continue to turn to Mexico as a very interesting country to invest in (…) We want to be a part of this country’s growth.”

“We are thinking of launching a new bank in Mexico called Ainvest, it is an arm of Abanca, which is the sixth largest bank in Spain. Today, the directors of the main Spanish banks in this country are Mexican. Trust is not only (placed) in companies but also in people and we believe that Mexico has a lot to offer,” said Soto.

The president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, Antonio Basagoiti, stressed that bilateral business relationships are “beneficial for both parties,” and recalled that Spanish companies create a million jobs – directly and indirectly – for Mexicans.

In addition, he said that they have invested more than $80 billion since 1999, but Mexican companies also invest in Spain and have done so to the tune of $30 billion in recent years.

More and more companies, he added, “seek to set foot in Spain to look at Europe,” and the trade balance is “very balanced between the two countries.”

Meanwhile, Spain’s ambassador to Mexico, Juan López-Dóriga Pérez, pointed out that Spain is the second-largest investor in Mexico, and said that Spanish investors have confirmed their intentions to continue investing in Latin America, with the number one country on the list being Mexico.

“After years of investment flowing in one direction, it now flows in both; Mexican investment in Spain is growing rapidly. There are 500 companies operating, and Mexico is the largest investor in Spain outside the European Union and in addition to the United States,” he added.

At the end of her address, Cañas highlighted EFE’s close relationship with Latin America, which she described as “a treasure.”

“We feel from this subcontinent the dynamism and creativity of its people and, particularly, of its journalists. We have trained together, we have grown together and we speak the same language in its broadest sense,” she said.

“Latin America and, particularly countries like this, justify our reason for being,” concluded Cañas.

The meeting was attended by companies such as Bayer, Huawei, Intel, Iberdrola, Acciona, Sener, Netflix, Caixa Bank, América Móvil, Naturgy and Banco Sabadell, among others. EFE


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