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Mexican students dance in protest against sexual abuse

Mexico City, Apr 23 (EFE).-A group of a Mexican dance academy students Friday protested with a symbolic dance performance outside the landmark cultural center in Mexico City to highlight alleged sexual harassment they have faced at the institute.

The protesting students demanded the dismissal of academy director Raymundo Torres, who has allegedly ignored sexual harassment complaints against accused teachers.

A protester, requesting anonymity, told EFE that Torres had abused his power and neglected the complaints of students who have faced harassment for years.

The students of the Mexican Academy of Dance affiliated with the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature have for the past week been denouncing through social networks the alleged sexual abuse at the hands of their teachers and school authorities.

“These complaints are more than three years old and the director has done nothing,” said the student.

The protesting students suspended classwork from Feb 26 onwards, vowing that they would not return to online classes until the authorities act against the perpetrators.

The women are seeking educational spaces free of sexual violence.

Using their bodies as a form of expression, some 30 artists and dancers protested outside the Palacio de Bellas Artes, the most prominent cultural center in the Mexican capital.

The protesters lamented how their director and INBAL official had neglected their complaints and done nothing about them.

She said returning to classes, even if it is virtual, would be putting ourselves in front of the aggressor.

The protester said they do not want to return to the spaces where they feel vulnerable to sexual violence.

The protesters also demanded the ouster of at least five other workers and teachers from the institute for abuse of power and causing psychological and sexual harassment of students.

They also sought to make the hiring of teachers transparent. EFE


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