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Mexican UFO-logist journalist investigates crop circles in documentary

Mexico City, Apr 20 (EFE).- Mexican journalist and UFO-logist Jaime Maussan will host a television documentary titled “Circulos de cultivo” (Crop circles), in which he investigates the huge designs and figures that have appeared in recent decades in certain fields of grain around the world and which some people, including him, think may be evidence of extraterrestrial life.

“I think that in many regards this is a phenomenon that goes beyond our level (of understanding) and perhaps they’re doing it like this so we take note that there is much more beyond ourselves,” he said in an interview with EFE, adding that the “arrogance of human beings doesn’t allow us to see farther” than our own worldly concerns.

He said that the crop circles could be “cosmic and celestial messages placed on Earth in crop fields” and they are just some of the things discussed in the documentary, which will air in Latin America on the History Channel on April 21.

Maussan traveled to the United Kingdom, one of the places where many of the crop circles have appeared, to conduct a first-hand investigation of these so-called “messages” that – although they are complicated to decipher, if there is anything to decipher in the first place – he tries to explain in a friendly and entertaining way in the documentary.

The crop circles consist of figures or symbols created by flattening portions of fields of grain and they often have appeared suddenly overnight.

Some think that they can be interpreted to allude to religious elements, astronomical information or mathematics, along with other themes, and their precise dimensions and the sudden way in which they have appeared suggest to people who believe they are genuine unexplained phenomena that they may be created by extraterrestrials.

“We’re trying to do it in the simplest way possible. These figures are very complicated, when you start talking about mathematical formulas, … and certain things it’s not so easy or attractive,” he said.

Maussan said that this kind of phenomenon was first noticed in the 17th century, but in modern times they were once again noted in the 1960s in Wiltshire, England, to where the UFO-logist traveled to undertake part of his investigation.

Despite the fact that many people deny that this kind of phenomenon has any kind of extraterrestrial origin – and have, in fact, shown them to be created by pranksters – Maussan is convinced that they are authentic.

“We’ve barely begun to visualize a small part of what these messages mean and that leads me to consider that they’re authentic. People who don’t believe (they’re real) say that the people who are making them don’t have much education or much knowledge, so how are they going to know about this? I really doubt it,” he said.

And although “Mexico has not stood out as one of the centers of this activity,” the documentary will investigate the few instances of crop circles in Maussan’s homeland, along with similar phenomena in Brazil, various European countries and the United States.


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