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Mexican Zapatista ‘army’ arrives home after Europe tour

Mexico City, Sep 11 (EFE).- Squadron 421, a group of indigenous Zapatista Mexicans, returned to the country Saturday after four months in Europe spreading their message about fighting inequality.

The members of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation arrived at the Mexico City International Airport where they did not give statements to the media but were greeted by representatives of the National Indigenous Congress and the Indigenous Government Council.

The objective of the trip was for the work of the Zapatistas to “transcend” in “several towns,” Filiberto Margarito Juan, representative of the Otomi community in Mexico City and councilor for the council and the army, told EFE.

“It has to transcend in other international countries to sow seeds, gather more comrades in the struggle, in residence, in their towns and in their communities,” said the indigenous leader, originally from the center of the country.

On May 2, Squadron 421 undertook a maritime journey to carry “the seed entrusted” by their peoples in the fight against “inequality derived from the capitalist economic and social system” and after more than 50 days of travel they began a European tour.

After their return, various indigenous peoples have announced a new contingent, called “La Extemporanea”, made up of about 140 representatives who will leave Mexico City for Vienna, Austria, to meet their colleagues to continue the work.

The indigenous people are looking for more people in the struggle, but also to create awareness in rich countries about foreign “invasions,” both historical ones from centuries ago, as well as current ones. EFE


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