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Mexicans seek justice for burnt-alive mother of autistic son

Guadalajara, Mexico, July 24 (EFE).- A group of activists protested Sunday to seek justice in the brutal killing of a Mexican woman who was allegedly burnt to death by her neighbors in Guadalajara.

Luz Raquel Padilla, 35, was set on fire after her attackers sprayed alcohol on her on July 16.

The killing triggered widespread outrage in a country with an increasing number of femicides in previous years, with a record 1,004 in 2021.

The killing reflects sexist violence in Mexico, where ten women are killed on an average daily in crimes classified as homicides and femicides.

Padilla had alerted the authorities about the death threats she received months before the attack.

Women activists slammed the authorities, alleging an official apathy in the case.

The mother of a kid with severe autism had alleged that Sergio Ismael, her neighbor, had threatened to kill her because her son disturbed him with loud noises.

Even worse, the suspect wrote on one of her house walls that he would burn her alive.

According to those close to her, the suspect assaulted her earlier with toxic industrial chlorine gas.

Padilla had a restraining order against the suspect that ended in early July. The unit in charge of protecting minors with disabilities had allegedly stopped caring for her son.

The demonstrators on Sunday pleaded with the authorities for swift justice in the case.

They threatened to file a complaint with the Mexican Attorney General’s Office against whoever ignored her complaints.

“Luz Raquel made it viral on social networks. She filed a complaint with the authorities. What else did they need to prevent Luz Raquel from being burned alive? She cried out for help,” said protester Laura Esquivel.

“We demand justice for her. He son should be guaranteed care. We are tired of having to raise our voices every day for the femicides that are increasing more and more,” she said.

The protesters placed a floral wreath and lit candles around Padilla’s photo in front of a complex housing government offices in the city. EFE


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