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Mexico activists demand justice for gender-based violence

Mexico City, Jan 25 (efe-epa).- Mexican civil society groups, activists and victims on Monday held a demonstration demanding justice in the cases of rape and disappearances of women in the country.

In front of the facilities of the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office, protesters demanded justice for those who have suffered these crimes and still have not received a judicial response.

“The investigative police do nothing to look for our children. That only happens here in Mexico,” Miriam Jaqueline Palmeros Rosas, mother of a missing young woman, told EFE.

Miriam said that on July 24 her daughter, Jael Monserrat, disappeared after entering a car at the Iztapalapa mayor’s office in the Mexican capital.

Despite the report of her disappearance two days later, her mother says the 21-year-old was re-victimized by the Mexican authorities.

“They told me that my daughter was probably partying and they did not do the necessary procedures at the time,” she said.

She added that the police in charge of following up on the investigations ignored the alert, which is issued for children and women vulnerable to human trafficking.

Miriam denounced that detectives have been changed three times in six months of searching, and that at the time of making the expert opinion on the video where the young woman is seen entering the vehicle after which she disappeared, they alleged that the evidence was “lost.”

“The attorney lost the video and part of the investigation folder. This is why my daughter’s case has not advanced,” she lamented.

Meanwhile, Teresa, a victim of rape in 2018, pointed out that despite the fact that her attacker has an arrest warrant against him, the authorities have done nothing to comply with it.

She said that the authorities in charge of the case sold the file to her aggressor, thus giving him the opportunity and time for him to denounce Teresa for breach of trust.

After obtaining the arrest warrant against the alleged perpetrator in October 2020, to date the arrest has not been carried out.

“The man continues to carry on with his thing. He is free and we have the follow-up and the photographs, contacts and everything. They have done absolutely nothing,” she said.

That is why both women have relied on feminist organizations in order to draw attention to their cases.

According to data from the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women, between January and November 2020, more than three out of every 10 victims of crime were women.

The Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection reported an annual increase of 0.3 per cent in femicides in 2020, which would indicate that at least 1,015 women were killed in gender-based violence. EFE-EPA


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