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Microsoft: Every job will have an artificial intelligence copilot

La Coruña, Spain, May 5 (EFE).- The Vice President and CEO of Innovation at Microsoft, Jason Wild, predicted on Friday that within a few years, one in four jobs will be automated and revealed that his company plans for every job to have an artificial intelligence (AI) copilot.

The Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de La Coruña (PALEXCO) has hosted Ecosystems 2030, the technology and innovation forum, since Thursday. Celebrating its third edition, this is the second consecutive year the event has taken place in La Coruña.

Wild, who is married to a Spaniard and has ties to the country he calls his favorite, delivered a lecture titled “How Artificial Intelligence Will Humanize Every Journey.” He emphasized that “AI is real” and, from now on, “changes the rules of the game,” so everything will be about “interactions.”

Paraphrasing a quote that Bill Gates wrote in his blog five weeks ago, Wild said: “Look, this is as fundamental of a change as the microprocessor and the personal computer, the Internet and the mobile phone. It’s going to change everything.”

Wild said companies will stand out by how well they use AI. Microsoft’s mission, Wild said, is to use all available tools to ensure people succeed and customers grow.

The Microsoft vice president acknowledged that AI will replace jobs, as “it is estimated that one in four jobs will be automated and impacted.”

“But I think the side that many of us don’t see is it’s going to raise the bar in terms of what we can do in our output. We believe in Microsoft that in 3 to 5 years, every craft, every job from air traffic controller to business analyst is going to have a copilot,” he said.

One local example of job replacement he cited is the Spanish multinational clothing company Inditex, where models and photo studios might no longer be needed to showcase fashion advances. It’s possible to create realistic-looking people with AI, or even replace those in charge of creating seasonal collections.

This situation arises, Wild says, because recent advances mean empirical results go beyond theoretical expectations, and an “incredible level has been reached in the world of technology,” which will accelerate even more.

However, Wild questioned the companionship aspect and whether AI could be like a friend that supports you.”

The ideal AI characteristics, according to him, involve empathy, creativity, and familiarity, areas in which significant progress has already been made.

“AI can help us be more human and build better relationships with our customers,” he said.

In any case, Wild clarified that people are the ones who must make decisions, and the crucial element is to develop the mechanism that allows making difficult decisions with sufficient data. “It’s all about trust.” EFE


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