Milei’s government evaluates way forward after Congress kills Omnibus Law

Buenos Aires, Feb 7 (EFE).- The government of Argentine President Javier Milei is exploring “every constitutional tool” that would allow it to proceed with the reforms it was unable to approve through the failed “Omnibus Law” bill, a government spokesman said Wednesday.

“Every constitutional tool is being evaluated,” presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni said at his customary press conference from the Casa Rosada government headquarters and mentioned the possibility of issuing decrees “of necessity and urgency,” holding a binding referendum with congressional approval, or holding a non-binding plebiscite.

“The decision will be made to take the most appropriate and quickest path,” Adorni added.

On Tuesday the Chamber of Deputies refused to approve the bill of Bases and Points of Departure for the Freedom of Argentines, the libertarian government’s flagship project to deregulate the economy and minimize the influence of the State.

Adorni said the bill had fallen through because of the “betrayal” by deputies who had voted for the law on Friday during the general vote, but refused to approve its articles when voted one by one on Tuesday, despite previous agreements with the government.

The government spokesman criticized detractors who “do not see what Argentina needs, and apparently do not assimilate what the people voted for,” in reference to the 56% of votes with which Milei was elected in the second round on November.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the President’s Office published on X the list of deputies who “voted against the people”, and Milei – who is traveling in Israel – called them “delinquents.”

With only 38 representatives in a chamber of 257 members and 7 senators out of 72, Liberty Advances, Milei’s party, must make alliances to get its agenda through Congress.EFE


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