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Million-year old Homo erectus skull found in China

Beijing, Sep 28 (EFE).- A group of archaeologists recently discovered a Homo erectus skull fossil that is about a million years old from the central Chinese province of Hubei, state broadcaster CCTV reported Wednesday.

The skull, found in the municipality of the city of Shiyan, is full and the eyebrow arch is raised, CCTV said.

It is believed to be the most complete Homo erectus skull fossil discovered in the Eurasian interior so far.

This fossil could be an important link in studying and understanding the emergence and development of humans in East Asia, said the broadcaster.

At the excavation site, known as Xuetang Lingzi, two fossils of human skulls between 800,000 and one million years old were discovered in 1989 and 1990.

The recently found skull was located about 35 meters from the where the previous findings were made.

Experts explained that the burial, associated fauna and tools discovered around the three skulls are similar and these fossils belong to a key moment in the evolution of the Homo erectus. EFE


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