Millions of Muslims mark Ramadan’s end without restrictions

Cairo, May 2 (EFE).- Muslims around the world on Monday celebrated Eid al Fitr holidays without coronavirus restrictions for the first time in two years but amid soaring prices due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, during which time Muslims commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad with daytime fasting, prayers and charitable actions.

In the Middle East, Arab leaders led the prayers of the three-day holiday without any type of social distancing between the faithful after most Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

After performing the prayers at Mecca’s Grand Mosque, Saudi King Salman, 86, received his royal highnesses, princes, scholars and sheikhs, among others, who came to congratulate him.

“We thank Allah for the kindness and blessings he has bestowed on us, asking him to make this Eid a happy event for our country, our nation and the whole world,” the king said, according to the state-run SPA news agency.

Egypt’s president Abdelfatah al-Sisi joined families and children of soldiers and police officers killed in action at an event held at Cairo’s al-Manara Center.

Al-Sisi distributed Eid’s traditional sweets to the children of the “martyrs” who participated in this celebration, the official Egyptian news agency MENA reported.

Egypt is one of the countries that has been most affected by the crisis in Ukraine and rampant global inflation, which is why many families observed a more frugal Ramadan than in other years.EFE


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