Most transport resumes in Japan after Typhoon Lan passage

Tokyo, Aug 17 (EFE).- Transportation services in western Japan resumed Thursday, with many delays, after two days of suspensions following the passage of tropical cyclone Lan, which has affected hundreds of thousands of travelers during the festive season and significantly damaged infrastructure.

Railway company JR announced Thursday the resumption of all services on the Tokaido and Sanyo high-speed bullet train lines, suspended on sections between Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Hakata in the previous two days. due to the storm and its copious rains.

Some trains were already operating Wednesday in a limited way and with suspensions in certain sections, mainly those that cross the Shizuoka prefecture, due to rainfall, causing delays of up to 10 hours expected to continue Thursday due to the large number of people affected, more than 300,000.

Rail operators continued Thursday to ask travelers to reconsider alternative routes and controlled access to the turnstiles at stations such as Nagoya and Shin-Osaka, where it was initially overcrowded with users.

During the night “hotel trains” were enabled so that passengers who could not make their connections on the high-speed lines could rest while waiting for the normalization of services.

The torrential rains from Lan, the seventh typhoon of the season in the Pacific, has left copious rains in recent days, mainly in the west of the territory.

The cyclone made landfall in the country Wednesday and crossed vertically to the west before settling in the Sea of Japan, where it continued Thursday, specifically in waters west of the island of Hokkaido, in the north of the territory.

Despite its advance in a northerly direction, the cyclone continued to affect some areas of western and eastern Japan, where authorities still warn of risks associated with river floods or landslides due to softened ground.

The storm has caused significant structural damage in the west, such as broken roads, collapsed bridges or river overflows, and has left more than 60 injured, according to the most recent balance collected by the local Kyodo news agency.

The only casualty from the storm occurred In Tottori prefecture, where the rains have been record high and an octogenarian woman who could not be helped by emergency services after the area in which she lived was left isolated, affecting some 1,800 residents. EFE


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