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Much-awaited theme park welcomes visitors to everything that is Studio Ghibli

Tokyo, Nov 1 (EFE).- Japan’s iconic Ghibli Park, the theme park of the creators of the hit anime “Princess Mononoke” and Oscar-winning “Spirited Away,” opened on Tuesday for its fans with sold-out tickets for November.

The park in the town of Nagakute, on the outskirts of Nagoya, opened three areas – Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, Hill of Youth, and Dondoko Forest – for excited fans of the famed Ghibli animation studio.

Unlike theme parks like Disneyland, Ghibli Park has no rides. But visitors can enchant themselves with artifacts and exhibits from the movies of the acclaimed studio.

Three of the five arenas opened include the so-called Ghibli Grand Warehouse which offers a spectacular display of all things Ghibli, including studio artifacts and memorabilia.

The warehouse brims with “Ghibli,” offering a screening room, three special exhibitions, shops, and a café.

Dondoko Forest takes you into the world of “My Neighbor Totoro” at “Satsuki and Mei’s House.”

At the top of the hill behind their house sits “Dondoko-do”. Only kids are allowed inside Dondoko-do!

Hill of Youth overlooks the park, Visitors can slip into nostalgia at the antique shop and violin maker’s workshop appearing in the 1995 film “Whisper of the Heart.”

The park will have five areas, with three already opened.

In the next two years, the creators will add Mononoke Village, based on “Princess Mononoke” and the Valley of Witches, based on “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

Tickets can only be purchased domestically and must be booked in advance.

Each area requires separate tickets. But from February, visitors will be able to buy a multi-pass ticket allowing entry to Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse and Hill of Youth.

Fees vary by area, with Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse at 2,000 yen ($14) on weekdays and 2,500 yen on weekends and public holidays for adults.

Entry to Hill of Youth and Dondoko Forest will each cost 1,000 yen. Child tickets are half-price. EFE


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