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Musk countersues Twitter in dispute over purchase

Washington, Jul 29 (EFE).- Tesla CEO Elon Musk filed a countersuit Friday against Twitter in their legal dispute over his decision to back out of a $44 billion deal to buy the social media company after announcing an agreement at the end of April.

Musk filed a counterclaim in the Delaware Court of Chancery, where Twitter has filed a suit against him, according to the court’s documents although the content of the counterclaim remains secret.

The trial between Twitter and Musk will begin on Oct. 17 unless both parties reach an agreement on a prior date, according to case documents made public Friday.

The judge in charge of the case ruled late Thursday that the trial will begin on that day after previously agreeing to Twitter’s request to fast-track the process in the face of Musk’s attempt to push it to February next year.

In mid-July, Judge Kathleen McCormick ruled that the trial would be held from October and last for five days.

Earlier this month, Musk announced the termination of a $44 billion purchase deal of the technology company, to which the latter responded with a lawsuit in a court specialized in commercial disputes to force him to complete the acquisition.

Twitter’s board of directors has invited its shareholders to vote on the purchase on Sep. 13 and recommended that they approve it as the last step to completing the merger, although it acknowledged that it also depends on the pending litigation with the millionaire. EFE


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