Muslims pray in colorful environmentally friendly mosque in Indonesia

A mosque built with more than 1,000 plastic boxes excited Tuesday visitors to Indonesia’s Kebun Ide café, as devotees can now pray in a colorful place.

The Kotakrat pavilion measures 41 sqm and was made to “bring the space of kindness inside the social environment, through the architectural form” according to its creators.

Architectural firm Parisauli Arsitek Studio gave life to this idea that takes advantage of environmentally unfriendly plastic boxes that can resist severe weather.

It was built out of 1,208 plastic boxes to form the prayer room’s walls and ceiling as well as shoe racks for visitors’ footwear.

The Kotakrat Pavilion was built in 2019 and is located in Tangerang, West Jakarta.

A visual story by epa’s Bagus Indahono

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