Navalny anticipates ‘Stalinist’ sentence to intimidate dissidents

Moscow, Aug 3 (EFE).- Detained Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny suggested on Thursday that he could be subjected to a “Stalinist” sentencing as a tactic by the government to intimidate other dissidents.

In a post on the social media platform X, he said it was “going to be a huge term.” “This is what is called a ‘Stalinist’ term.”

Navalny said the prosecutors had sought a 20-year sentence, but the judiciary will likely hand down a term of 18 years or something close.

However, he stressed that it did not matter “because the terrorism case is on the way” and he could get another 10 years.

He appealed to his supporters to “show solidarity with me and other political prisoners” and urged them to reflect on why such an extensive and exemplary sentence was deemed necessary.

Navalny emphasized that the primary purpose of this sentencing is to intimidate his supporters, not him.

Despite facing a potential lengthy jail term, Navalny implored his supporters not to be intimidated and to resist President Vladimir Putin’s goals.

He encouraged them to think about what they could personally do to resist and fight back. “Please do not dare to say, ‘Nothing.’ You surely can. Everyone can do something. Talk to your neighbors and put up a flyer. Share our investigations with others.”

Navalny highlighted that there is “no shame” in choosing the safest way to resist but emphasized that doing nothing is what brings shame.

Being sentenced to 20 years would mean Navalny, who is already serving an eight-year prison term for fraud, could spend up to three decades in jail in total.

The secret trial against Navalny commenced on June 19 at the Vladimir prison, approximately 200 km from Moscow.

The charges against the 47-year-old opposition leader include financing and instigating extremist actions. (EFE)


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