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Navalny urges Russians to vote despite war in Ukraine

Moscow, Sep 6 (EFE).- Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny on Tuesday urged Russians to vote in upcoming municipal and regional elections despite the war in Ukraine.

“Any action aimed at weakening any of the elements of the Putinist system is right and it is the duty of every citizen,” Navalny posted on his Telegram channel.

His comments come amid a debate in Russia on whether voting in regional elections with a war being waged in Ukraine is worthwhile.

“The essence has not changed, (Russian president Vladimir) Putin continues to rule with repression, control over the judiciary system, propaganda and his party, United Russia, which controls all the deputy assemblies in the country,” Navalny said.

According to the opposition leader, the best way to combat electoral fraud is the Smart Vote — a tactical voting strategy that consolidates the votes of those who oppose the ruling party. The website, designed by Navalny, has ousted United Russia from several regional assemblies in the past.

“Putin and United Russia are war, lies, corruption and misery. By participating in the Smart Vote, you will vote against war, lies, corruption and misery,” he said.

Navalny said Smart Vote was up and running after authorities blocked the website last year claiming it was an “instrument of foreign interference” in Russian elections.

The opposition leader is serving nine years in jail after a court charged him with large-scale fraud and contempt. Navalny says the charges were fabricated to block his political ambitions. EFE


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