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New cold water pools found at ancient Roman bath house in Toledo

Toledo, Spain, Mar 6 (EFE).- Archeologists in Spain have discovered cold water pools, known as frigidarium, at an ancient Roman bath house in the central city of Toledo.

The pools, which have “important” decorative elements and date from the second century AD, cover an estimated area of 3,000 square meters, lead archaeologist Carmelo Fernandez said.

The discovery is believed to be one of the most significant such findings in Spain, Fernandez said, explaining that it is one “of the most important thermal remains of Roman Hispania, very well preserved and with great monumental significance.”

The latest findings are part of a massive Roman bath complex underneath the historic Spanish city, with one section found below a former church, while other remains of the thermae can be viewed from beneath a shop.

Fernandez praised the collaboration with the city council and the buildings’ owners to facilitate the archeological research.

“It is a very laborious process, a rehabilitation of the properties that is combined with the archaeological work thanks to a great multidisciplinary team,” he said. EFE


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