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New European consortium to promote proper AI use in media

Madrid, Oct 17 (EFE).- A new consortium named CREA Trust AI, which includes the social network Panodyssey and the Spanish news agency EFE, has been established with the aim of developing tools and guidelines to ensure that media outlets are part of a trusted digital model, especially in the face of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The initiative is backed by the European Creative Innovation Lab 1 program of the European Commission, as part of its digital strategy for the media and culture sector.

The consortium’s objective is to design “innovative solutions” and new business models that can be implemented across various sectors. According to its developers, this will enhance the competitiveness of European professional creators and boost the visibility of certified content.

To address challenges in interoperability and intellectual property, the consortium has set up an AI LAB open to new private sector partners, associations, and the public sector, such as the European cultural channel Arte TV.

In a press release, Alexandre Leforestier, founder and CEO of Panodyssey, stated that CREA Trust AI is “a new window on the web to reconcile ethics with digital life in complete transparency,” adding confidence to the social media sector.

“AI technologies should be used for beneficial purposes. We are ready to work with European and national institutions to find ways to mitigate the risks associated with this digital revolution,” Leforestier stressed.

Furthermore, the EU is currently drafting its first comprehensive law to regulate artificial intelligence. This regulatory framework will put a strong emphasis on personal data protection, anticipating widespread information use.

Leforestier believes that social networks should be “a tool focused on human well-being and the ability to create and learn for complete development and fulfillment.”

“The use of algorithms and AI should be balanced and protect universal diversity, building bridges between cultures and languages, unleashing creative forces without exploiting the brain’s capacity to solely respond to consumption suggestions,” Leforestier concluded. EFE


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