New Lesbos refugee camp hosts 7,000 with 170 Covid positive

By Ana Mora Segura

Athens, Sep 18 (efe-epa).- Around 2,000 more refugees entered a new camp being built on the Greek island of Lesbos on Friday, bringing the total number of people sheltering there to 7,000.

Kara Tepe is a temporary facility being constructed to house the thousands of people who were left homeless when Moria refugee camp was destroyed by a fire 10 days ago.

Greek authorities launched a police operation to move people into the new site after many were reluctant to enter the new camp.

Scores of families had been sleeping rough in car parks and on the side of roads on the island.

A total of 174 of those who have arrived at the new site have tested positive for Covid-19.

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) spokesperson Shabia Mantoo said they have been isolated in a quarantine zone and are receiving medical attention.

Anastasios Yfantis, director of operations for Doctors of the World in Greece, told Efe: “Of course there will be more cases in the coming days and weeks, but I am confident that because of the large number of staff it will not become a problem.

“The average age in the camp is 30, 40 years, so hopefully there won’t be any critical cases.”

He said that whether or not the camp becomes a new Moria depends on whether it is temporary as authorities have promised.

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