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New storm hits Greece three weeks after last floods

Athens, 27 (EFE).- Storm “Elias” has been hitting Greece since Tuesday causing landslides and floods in the south and center of the country, just three weeks after storm, “Daniel,” caused severe flooding that left 17 dead.

The island of Euboea, north of Athens, has been worst hit with heavy rainfall that caused landslides isolating villages in the west.

In the village of Kimasi, an overflowing river caused flash floods, residents had to climb onto their terraces to safety and damages to homes and the regional road network were extensive.

Special teams from the Fire Brigade and members of the Army are working to rescue trapped people, while power outages have been reported throughout the area.

The landslides and floods are occurring in an area that was completely burned in 2021 by a large fire that burned during more than ten days and destroyed more than 50,000 hectares of forest.

The storm is also hitting the regions of Trikala and Larisa in central Greece, where three weeks ago, several villages were flooded by heavy rainfall caused by “Daniel.”

Five villages near the town of Trikala are entirely cut off after a bridge collapsed, while in Aspropotamos, firefighters are working to rescue residents trapped in their homes.

In the Larisa region, Civil Protection has ordered the preventive evacuation of several localities threatened by streams that could overflow.

Heavy rainfall is also causing problems in the Phthiotida and Phocis (center) region and the north of the Peloponnese peninsula (south).

According to the National Meteorological Service (EMY), the adverse conditions will persist until tomorrow, Thursday, when the storm is expected to begin to subside. EFE


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