New system can help detect Covid-19 through voice and cough

By Marta Borrás

Brussels, Aug 8 (efe-epa).- Researchers will launch a system to detect Covid-19 through voice and cough, which will allow better remote diagnosis and reduce the risk of contagion through physical contact between doctors and patients.

Covid-19 Detection by Cough and Voice Analysis (CDCVA) was developed by a team of scientists in Luxembourg.

Muhannad Ismael, head of the initiative, explained in an interview with Efe that it uses artificial intelligence to detect the virus based on the voice and cough patterns of infected people.

“Respiratory conditions, such as dry cough, sore throat, excessively breathy voice and dyspnea, caused by Covid-19, can make patients’ voices distinctive, creating identifiable voice signatures, that may be discovered using the proposed system,” he said.

Similar initiatives have been designed but so far only to collect data and have not been made available to detect Covid-19.

Cambridge University and Carnegie Mellon University have developed methods to collect data and create artificial intelligence algorithms that can detect whether a person is suffering from Covid-19 from the way they cough or speak.

“Our idea is inspired from advanced researches in literature for sound analysis like automatically recognizing speakers affected by a cold from the acoustics of their voice or distinguish between dry and wet coughing,” Ismael added.

“The previous researches show the potential of AI algorithms in the domain of disease detection using sound analysis.”

A large number of recordings were collected and processed through several methods to eliminate noise and identify cough and voice patterns.

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