Nicaragua zoo presents female Bengal tiger born in captivity

Managua, Sep 3 (EFE).- A female Bengal tiger that was born last weekend under the care of captive breeding experts at Nicaragua’s national zoo and is reportedly in good health was presented to the media on Friday.

Zoo Nicaragua, located 16 kilometers (9.9 miles) southeast of Managua, showed off the still-nameless striped feline, an animal that was born on Aug. 28 and is the daughter of “Dalila” and “Sanson.”

The 1.1-kilo (2.4-pound), orange-and-black cub is reportedly in good condition but was immediately rejected by her mother, a tiger that was rescued from a circus four years ago along with “Sanson.”

In January, that mating pair gave birth to a rare white Bengal tiger that died after just a few days after also being rejected by Dalila and in spite of the care provided by the zoo.

Dennis Rodriguez, a worker at Zoo Nicaragua, told Efe that Bengal tiger mothers reject their offspring for many reasons, including because the tigress did not have a good ovulation.

The Bengal cub is currently only waking up to eat every three hours, according to Rodriguez, who said she has not yet opened her eyes and is emitting weak sounds.

At each feeding time, she is being provided with up to two ounces of a special milk substitute for big cats.

The tiger’s caregiver said that because she is the product of an irregular pregnancy certain precautions are being taken to avoid causing stress or health problems, including refraining from manipulating the cub excessively.

The newborn joins a family of big cats at Zoo Nicaragua that also include her parents, two white Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, jaguars, pumas and African lions, as well as other felines including ocelots and margays.

Hundreds of species that are due to be released into the wild are receiving protection at that facility. EFE


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