North Korea accuses UN of double standards after missile launches

Seoul, Oct 3 (EFE).- North Korea Sunday said the United Nations Security Council was applying double standards and keeping mum about joint war drills between the US and its allies but faulted Pyongyang for the “self-defensive” military activities.

Jo Chol Su, director at the foreign ministry’s Department of International Organizations, said the UNSC, at the American instigation, held a closed-door meeting over North Korean missile launches.

“(The meeting) means an open ignorance of and wanton encroachment on the sovereignty of (North Korea) and a serious intolerable provocation against it,” Jo said in a statement released by the official Korea Central News Agency (KCNA).

The UNSC meeting came after North Korea launched a new anti-aircraft missile in the series of weapons tests.

Previously, the reclusive state claimed that it had launched a hypersonic missile, ballistic missiles, and a nuclear-capable cruise missile.

Jo said the United States and its allies painted the North Korean test-launch as a violation of the UN resolution.

“We have never acknowledged the partial and illegal UN resolution that seriously encroaches upon the right to existence and development of sovereign states,” he said.

“The UNSC keeps mum about large-scale joint military exercises between the US and its vassal forces and about their frequent attack weapon tests, but it faults the normal and planned self-defensive measures taken by the DPRK.”

He said it was “an evident manifestation of double-dealing standard” by the UNSC.

North Korea has carried out four missile tests in the last nearly three weeks.

It has reactivated facilities capable of manufacturing fuel for nuclear weapons.

South Korea responded with a ballistic missile launch from a submarine and said it was developing new-generation weapons in an escalating arms race in the tense Korean peninsula.

Denuclearization talks between North Korea and the US have remained stalled since 2019.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said he had no intention of resumed dialog at the moment because the US government has not changed its “hostile policy” towards Pyongyang. EFE


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