North Korea begins key single-party meeting in Pyongyang

Seoul, Dec 27 (EFE).- An important plenary session of the Workers’ Party began Tuesday in North Korea, which could use the event to outline its foreign policy for next year, state media reported Wednesday.

The start of the plenary meeting of the current Central Committee of the Workers’ Party in Pyongyang was chaired by the country’s leader Kim Jong-un, according to KCNA news agency.

Kim also spoke of 2023 and called it “a year of great turn and great change” in which North Korea “left a great mark on the glorious course of development in efforts to improve national power and enhance the prestige of the country,” said the state agency.

He also said it was “a year of great importance” that saw “revealing defeats and achievements in all fields for socialist construction and the strengthening of national power.”

During the inaugural session, the agenda items were approved and discussed, including the review of the implementation of state policies for 2023, the objectives for 2024 and a series of issues to strengthen the party’s leadership function, KCNA reported.

The regime did not indicate the exact start date of the plenary session and has not specified what its duration would be. Previously these types of single party meetings have lasted between one and four days.

Kim could speak at this meeting to reveal the direction of the country’s domestic and foreign policy instead of his New Year’s Day speech.

North Korea closes 2023 having displayed its military muscle with several weapons innovations (a nuclear torpedo, a submarine with the capacity to launch several ballistic missiles, its first spy satellite or its first solid fuel ICBM).

Pyongyang has strengthened ties with Beijing and Moscow, which have vetoed new sanctions against the regime and seem to provide it with certain global security amid wars in Israel and Ukraine and growing unrest between autocracies and democracies. EFE


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