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North Korea celebrates ‘Day of the Sun,’ tribute to Kim dynasty founder

Seoul, Apr 15 (EFE).- North Korea celebrated Friday the 110th anniversary of the birth of its founder with light shows, massive dances or fireworks in Pyongyang, although it still does not offer information about a large military parade that many expect to accompany the splendors.

The North Korean capital hosted an assembly of lights Thursday evening on the banks of the Taedong River to commemorate the “Day of the Sun,” the main national holiday that commemorates the birth of Kim Il-sung (grandfather of current leader Kim Jong-un), as seen on footage published Friday by the KCNA agency.

KCNA reported in turn a fireworks display is planned for Friday on the waterfront and a dance in the nearby Kim Il-sung square.

However, North Korean state media have so far failed to report on a major military parade – the preparations for which have been captured by satellites for months – that is expected to take place during the “Day of the Sun” celebrations.

Specialized media NK News showed satellite photos taken early Friday in which the rehearsals of the troops for a large parade at the Mirim airfield, in the east of the capital, are still visible, a place the regime uses as a field practice for military parades.

He also reported that sources present in the North Korean capital reported sounds of fireworks Friday in Pyongyang around noon local time (3:00 GMT), which could point to a daytime parade, unlike the night parades that the regime has organized in recent years.

Another possibility that experts speculate is that the event will be held Friday when night falls in Pyongyang.

A third option, mentioned Friday by South Korean Unification Ministry Spokesman Cha Duck-chul, is that the regime does not hold a parade for this event, but for the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Army on Apr. 25.

Military sources also told the Yonhap agency that there is a possibility that a large popular march will be held Friday to celebrate the “Day of the Sun” and that Kim Jong-un will preside over it.

The “Day of the Sun” is celebrated at a time of growing tension, marked by recent missile tests by Pyongyang, which for the first time since 2017 launched an intercontinental ballistic missile in March. Washington responded by sending an aircraft carrier to the vicinity of the peninsula for the first time in five years. EFE


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