North Korea holds parliamentary session without Kim Jong-un

Seoul, Sep 8 (EFE).- North Korea held a session of its Supreme National Assembly in Pyongyang in a plenary session without leader Kim Jong-un, according to state media reported Thursday.

In this first Wednesday session, four of the six members of the presidium of the political bureau of the party were present; Choe Ryong-hae -who presided the meting as the highest figure at the head of the assembly-, Kim Tok-hun, Pak Jong-chon and Ri Pyong-chol.

Apart from Kim Jong-un, Jo Yong-won was the other member of the presidium absent from Wednesday’s session.

During the plenary session, the approval of two laws aimed at rural development and the creation of green areas was discussed, according to the state news agency KCNA.

The KCNA article added that this session period would continue, although, as is usual in the hermetic country, it did not offer more details about pending plenary sessions or agendas.

Although the Supreme People’s Assembly pretends to be the legislative body of the country, its function is really to automatically endorse the decisions adopted by the leadership of the regime and Kim Jong-un.

North Korea has kept its borders closed since the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2020, and has rejected the offers of dialogue made since then by Seoul and Washington.

In January 2021, it approved a five-year weapons modernization plan that has brought about 20 projectile launches this year and that seems to be behind the preparations for a new nuclear test.

If it takes place, it would be the first carried out by Pyongyang in five years and which, according to South Korean and US intelligence, has been ready for months. EFE


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