North Korea reviews front-line military unit operations

Seoul, Jun 23 (EFE).- North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un and other high-ranking officials discussed the review and modification of operational plans for its front-line units during a key military meeting, state media reported Thursday.

The second day of the Workers’ Party’s Central Military Commission meeting being held in Pyongyang, “discussed the work of additionally confirming the operation duties of the frontline units (those deployed on the border with South Korea) of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) and modifying the operation plans, according to the Party’s military and strategic plan, and the issues related to reorganization of key military organizational formations,” reported state news agency KCNA.

The report does not provide further details regarding the plans.

In April, the regime tested a “new-type tactical guided weapon”, which it considered “of great significance in drastically improving the firepower of the frontline long-range artillery units and enhancing the efficiency in the operation of tactical nukes.”

Many experts see this as a veiled statement about the regime’s desire to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the front lines.

The meeting of the Central Military Commission also comes as intelligence agencies of South Korea and the United States have warned that the North is prepared to carry out a new nuclear test, which would be the first in five years.

Experts also consider it possible that, instead of testing a device with high explosive power, the regime could choose in this case to detonate a smaller bomb, designed to be used tactically, such as in a regional environment.

North Korea, which has completely isolated itself since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, has ignored Seoul’s and Washington’s calls to resume stalled dialogue, and last year approved a weapons modernization plan that is behind the record 19 projectile tests carried out this year, as well as the preparations, captured since February, for a new nuclear test.

It is unusual for meetings of the Central Military Commission to last for several days and it is unknown when this meeting will conclude. EFE


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