North Korea says nuclear attack capability not ‘empty talk’

Seoul, Apr 2 (EFE).- North Korea Sunday lambasted the South and the United States for the “provocative” large-scale joint military drills on the peninsula, warning that it was not making “empty talk” about its nuclear attack capability.

In an editorial published by the state-run Korea Central News Agency titled “Commentary on War Maniacs’ Reckless Moves,” North Korea said the US and South Korea had “openly made a military provocation.”

“It will be quite clear how the DPRK’s nukes will be used if the war deterrence does not work on those who are running amuck, not being afraid of nuclear weapons,” the news agency said in the commentary.

DPRK is the acronym for the North’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The commentary mentioned the 11-day Freedom Shield exercise held in March, the Ssangyong (double dragon) drill that began on Mar.20, and criticized the allies for planning to hold a massive live-fire wargame in June.

“The warmongers’ desperate acts are going to the extremes,” it said.

The news agency also criticized the US-South Korean plan to stage their largest-ever “combined joint firepower annihilation drill” in June to mark the 70th anniversary of their alliance.

“This reminds the people and army of the DPRK of June 1950 when they had to be subject to war calamity, and further arousing their high vigilance,” the KCNA said.

It said the allies carried out, for four days, a joint tactical drill for the “occupying city” of North Korea.

The US and its followers should never forget that their rival state has possessed the nuclear attack capability in practice as well as the characteristics of the people and army of the DPRK that do not make empty talk.” EFE


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