North Korea takes measures to mitigate heat wave, heavy rains

Seoul, Aug 1 (EFE).- North Korean state media reported Tuesday on measures taken by authorities to combat a heat wave and torrential rains that affected its territory in recent days.

The regime echoes the severe weather conditions affecting the Korean peninsula and other areas of East Asia in recent weeks, and which have left dozens of deaths in South Korea due to floods or heat strokes.

The Rodong daily said it recommended Tuesday that the elderly avoid outdoor activities in anticipation of temperatures exceeding 37C in some parts of the country.

The outlet said it advised North Koreans to stay hydrated, alert to “the serious damage that extreme heat can cause the body” and added that health facilities would prepare to treat potential heat stroke victims.

It spoke of the “important political task” of measures to prepare the country for phenomena such as heat waves, typhoons or torrential rains, and in line with the “objective of meeting the main economic objectives” set by leader Kim Jong-un’s regime.

Pyongyang set a dozen economic targets for the current year, among which the increase in cereal production was the most prominent, in line with the country’s intention to increase its food self-sufficiency.

The aforementioned North Korean outlet also spoke of the work in various regions of the country to “deal with disasters derived from abnormal meteorology.”

These include repairing damage from “a long rainy season and other necessary measures due to the heavy rains that have hit all areas of the country in recent days.”

The paper specifically mentioned repair work on sanitation and drainage systems in the capital and provinces of North and South Hamgyong and Kangwon, although it did not give details about damage or mention if there were victims.

In neighboring South Korea, authorities reported the deaths of at least 17 people over the weekend due to the heat wave, most of them elderly citizens who were doing agricultural tasks or physical activities outside despite high temperatures.

Torrential rains left about 50 dead or missing in mid-July in South Korea, including 14 who died in the flooding of a tunnel that trapped numerous vehicles. EFE


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