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North Korean drone breached no-fly zone near Seoul’s presidential office

Seoul, Jan 5 (EFE).- One of the North Korean drones that infiltrated South Korean territory at the end of last year managed to enter the 3.7-kilometer (2.3 mile) no-fly zone around the presidential office in Seoul, a military spokesperson confirmed Thursday.

The unmanned aerial vehicle briefly entered the northern tip of the no-fly zone, known as P-73, but “there was no problem regarding the security of the presidential office in Yongsan,” the spokesperson said.

These remarks came after an anonymous military official told local news agency Yonhap about the breach, contradicting what the South Korean military had said initially.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff had earlier claimed that one of the five drones that entered South Korea on Dec. 26 flew over northern Seoul but did not intrude the no-fly zone.

The incursion by the North Korean drones has sparked criticism of Seoul’s military capabilities to repel these unmanned aerial vehicles.

In order to improve readiness for such scenarios in the future, the South Korean army will carry out air defense drills on Thursday, including some with live fire.

The maneuvers will involve 50 aircraft, including KA-1 light attack planes and 500MD helicopters that will transport troops armed with drone jammer guns.

Following the breach, Seoul is considering suspending a major agreement signed between the two Koreas in 2018 to ease military tension.

It also plans to establish a drone unit to carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions and develop small, stealth drones by the end of the year. EFE


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