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One month on, Russia’s invasion forces 3.6 million refugees to flee Ukraine

Madrid Desk, Mar 24 (EFE).- A month of war with Russia has forced more than 3.6 million Ukrainians to flee to neighboring countries, making the largest exodus of refugees in Europe since World War II.

The majority of the Ukrainian war refugees have crossed into Poland, with others scattered across Europe, where they have been offered a visa, a residence permit, and healthcare access.

Poland has welcomed some 2.2 million refugees so far. Around 1.2 million of them chose to stay there while the rest have traveled on to other European countries, especially Germany.

Those holding a Ukrainian passport are provided with a Polish tax identification number, which allows access to public services such as health services and education.

Some 310,000 refugees have made it to Hungary, where over 4,400 have applied for asylum.

Hungary immediately grants refugee status for those requesting it, giving them the right to work, study and get medical assistance.

Austria has received more than 170,000 refugees but only 17,000 have been officially registered with a displaced person card, a document that gives them access to social services and the job market.

They also get residence and work permits. Ukrainians whose residence permit is about to expire can extend it on humanitarian grounds.

A total of 509,348 Ukrainians have made it to Romania, where they receive free medical treatment in public hospitals.

Moldova has about 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, around 4% of the country’s total population, one of the poorest in Europe.

This former Soviet republic has received financial support and humanitarian aid to deal with the emergency. Ukrainian refugees are exempted from the obligation to obtain work permit that is normally necessary to be hired.

Some 258,564 people have entered Slovakia. A total of 47,322 people have applied for a temporary residence permit there and 163 others requested political asylum.

Almost 240,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Germany. Any citizen, whether Ukrainian or of any other nationality, who has escaped the Russian invasion in Ukraine can enter Germany without a visa and get a residence permit for one year.

The Czech Republic has welcomed 205,000 refugees, who got a one-year visa that provides them with the same rights as Czech citizens.

Spain has received more than 25,000 and over 10,000 of them have temporary protected status.

They are offered a residence and work permit, access to healthcare services, education, and financial assistance.

In addition, displaced persons who have a temporary protected status can use their driving license for at least a year.

A total of 9,500 visas have been issued in the United Kingdom so far, where some 150,000 people have shown interest in receiving refugees through a program.

Italy has welcomed more than 60,000 refugees. They get a residence permit valid for a year.

France has opened its doors to 26,000 refugees, giving them a temporary protected status to get access to housing, healthcare services, education, and social assistance of 426 euros per month.

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