Oral medication could prevent spread of Covid while eating

San Sebastian, Spain, Oct 8 (efe-epa).- An oral medication made from egg yolks containing Covid-19 antibodies could prevent infection without wearing a mask, according to a study published on Thursday.

It is hoped the treatment could prevent infection for up to two hours in situations when masks are not worn, for example while eating or drinking.

The work was developed by a team led by José Manuel Pérez de Alastra, chief scientist of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) at the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology.

He said his team has been working with antibodies developed in chickens for several years.

“When the hen is immunized, it concentrates the antibodies in the egg yolk, a food that being natural can be administered orally because these antibodies do not pass to the blood,” he added.

They thought these antibodies could be used as a barrier against Covid-19, so they generated them and used them against some critical regions of the virus’ proteins, the ones that bind to the human receptor.

“By using them in the oral cavity, strategically located, they would provide protection by preventing the virus from adhering to our cells,” Pérez de Alastra said.

Laboratory testing has demonstrated that the antibodies blocked the virus from latching onto receptors in the human body and stayed in saliva for at least two hours.

“The ointment gradually disperses antibodies through the oral cavity and continues disseminating them as they pass through the pharynx and esophagus,” the CSIC said in a video statement.

“If the virus enters the body, the antibodies will trap it and surround it, preventing infection.

“The virus is dragged to the stomach, where the gastric juices will destroy it.”

The medication has already been incorporated into a series of dishes by Argentinian chef Diego Schattenhofer who presented his culinary creations at San Sebastian Gastronomika on Thursday.

He has developed sauces containing the product that he could incorporate into his dishes to help the antibodies stick in the throat.

Preliminary studies have shown that half a gram would be enough to generate a two-hour immunity against Covid-19.

“On a nine-course menu we could work that egg yolk into an immunized red mojo or sabayon,” Schattenhofer said.

He added that he will continue to explore the gastronomical possibilities of the product, which can’t be used on the public until it receives official approval.

“The scientific tests have been a success but there is still a way to go, we have to let science do its job,” he continued.

“But it would be very important for the act of eating, for the tasting menu.

“We are very excited to create this product that can help the hotel and catering industry, where so much fear and damage is being generated.” EFE-EPA


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