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Outrage as Italian mafia boss released from prison

Marta Rullan

Rome, Jun 1 (EFE).- The release of Sicilian Mafia boss Giovanni Brusca after 25 years in prison has outraged Italy.

The Cosa Nostra mafia boss, dubbed the ‘Christian slayer’, is known for his bloodthirsty crimes, including the murder of Italy’s leading anti-Mafia investigator, judge Giovanni Falcone.

Brusca, 64 years old, was released from the Rebibbia prison on Monday and will be on parole for four years.

The mafia boss was initially sentenced to life imprisonment after confessing to over 150 crimes. One of them was the murder of Falcone, his wife, and three bodyguards with an explosive placed under the road they were driving along. In his confession, Brusca admitted it was him who pressed the detonator.

After agreeing to become an informant and help prosecutors find other mafia bosses, his sentence was reduced to 26 years.

Italians, including Falcone’s sister who has become an anti-mafia symbol, have expressed shock over Brusca’s release and anger at Italian law.

“Like this, everything we have been through is forgotten, the memory of the tragedy is weakened,” said Rosaria Schifani, widow of one of the bodyguards who died in the attack.

One of the most horrific crimes is the killing of 11-year-old Giuseppe Di Matteo, son of a mafioso who betrayed him. Brusca got the boy strangled and dissolved his body in acid.

“Brusca does not deserve anything. He does not belong to humanity, the law cannot be equal for these people,” the dad of the boy said.

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