Over 2,000 migrants try to cross Belarus-Poland border

Moscow, Nov 8 (EFE).- Over 2,000 migrants on Monday tried to cross the border with Poland from the city of Grodno in Belarus, according to the Belarusian State Border Committee.

“More than two thousand refugees, including women and children, are in front of the fence on the border with Poland,” the committee said, adding that they are trying to enter the European Union.

“The situation on the Belarusian-Polish border remains very tense,” the source added.

Polish security forces fired tear gas against the migrants who tried to cross the fence, according to the committee.

“In response to the unjustified use of special (police) means, some of the refugees behaved more actively and began to destroy the fence,” it added.

Most of the migrants are from the Middle East and want cross into Poland to get to Germany.

Many of the refugees are accompanied by young children and a lack food, water and warm clothing.

Earlier in the day, videos published by Belarusian media showed armed guards guiding a column of several thousands of migrants along the highway towards the border with Poland.

Belarus’ neighboring countries; Poland, Latvia and Lithuania have declared a state of emergency in recent months due to the dramatic increase in irregular immigration from Belarus.

The countries, alongside the European Union, accuse Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of provoking the current migration crisis in revenge for those countries’ support for the Belarusian opposition in exile, which he denied. EFE

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