Over 3,000 civilians killed in Myanmar in 2 years under military junta: UN

Geneva, Mar 20 (EFE).- More than 3,000 civilians have been killed, 1.3 million have been displaced and there have been 16,000 political prisoners in Myanmar since the military junta seized power in a coup two years ago, United Nations special rapporteur for the country, Thomas Andrews, said Monday.

During a session on the situation in Myanmar at the UN Human Rights Council, Andrews denounced that since the junta came to power on Feb.1, 2021, some 17.6 million people have been left in need of humanitarian aid, while 58,000 houses and other infrastructure have been destroyed.

“The country is in freefall,” he said, adding that there have also been frequent reports of killings of civilians, while torture and sexual violence have been a constant threat.

There have also been increasing airstrikes on settlements, schools, hospitals and displaced people’s camps.

Despite the fierce repression, protests against the military junta and civil disobedience continue, said Andrews, and called on the international community to take stronger action to isolate the regime.

A minority of states continues to supply the junta with weapons, equipment to manufacture them, or income that is used to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, the rapporteur denounced.

He further noted that only the European Union has issued significant sanctions against Myanmar’s oil and gas sector.

Andrews also urged the international community to deny any legitimacy to the elections that the Junta is preparing to try and get some degree of global recognition.

Andrews also criticized the lack of support for those fleeing as refugees to other countries.

The rapporteur stressed that after two years of violence and oppression, the military junta has failed in their attempt to wipe out the opposition, instead it was destroying the nation and attacking the fundamental human rights of its people. EFE


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