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Over 500 injured in metro rail accident in Chinese capital

Beijing, Dec 15 (EFE).- More than 500 people were sent to hospitals to be examined after an accident in the Beijing subway, state owned Xinhua agency reported Friday.

The accident occurred around 7pm local time on Thursday between the Xierqi and the Life Science Park stations on the Changping line, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission Of Transport.

Preliminary investigations showed that slippery tracks caused by snow led a train to use emergency brakes to stop.

The train behind it, situated in a downhill section, experienced sliding and failed to brake effectively, resulting in a collision, the Commission said, according to Xinhua.

A total of 515 people were sent to hospital for examination, of whom 102 suffered some kind of fracture.

As of 6am local time Friday, 423 people had been discharged, while 25 were kept under medical observation and another 67 remained hospitalized.

The municipal government has launched an investigation into the incident and sought to formulate an appropriate emergency response.

Meanwhile the capital’s metro company has apologized for the accident and has committed to bear the medical expenses of the injured passengers.

Millions of people take Beijing’s extensive and modern subway every day, which has 24 lines and stretches along more than 600 kilometers of track.

The accident occurs with the capital on alert for a cold wave that has caused heavy snowfall over the past week, affecting transport services and leading to the closure of schools. EFE


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