Pakistan, Taliban government agree to boost ties, ease border crossing

Islamabad, 21 Oct (EFE) .- The Pakistan and Afghan Taliban governments on Thursday agreed to enhance bilateral ties, trade and ease the border crossing for pedestrians and cargo trucks, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister said during a news conference after his first visit to Kabul since the Taliban came to power on Aug. 15.

“We decided for medical or other emergency cases, a visa will be granted on arrival and PCR test requirement has also been waved off,” Shah Mahmood Qureshi said in a live press conference in Islamabad.

Qureshi said Pakistan has taken a number of steps to address concerns of the newly formed Taliban government in Afghanistan. He said Afghan businessmen will get a visa on arrival without prior security clearance and the Pakistan embassy in Kabul will be allowed to issue five-year multiple entry visas for businessmen.

“We also decided that all fruits and vegetables will be duty free from Afghanistan to Pakistan,” Qureshi said adding the service charges of $8.18 have also been waved off till Dec. 31 this year for all kinds of visas for Afghans.

The Foreign Minister said pedestrian crossing hours will increase from eight to 12 hours daily and for trade, the border will be open for 24 hours.

Responding to a question regarding the credibility of the Taliban government the foreign minister said, “there is credibility, of course(…) obviously they want their government to be recognized and Pakistan recognizing them alone will not help them, it will help only if we take others along too.”

A statement issued by the Taliban government said “Pakistan wants to resolve its economic and political problems with Afghanistan”.

During the visit it was decided that an Afghan delegation will visit Islamabad and different departments will sit together to resolve bilateral issues faced by both the countries.


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