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Pakistani Taliban warns media over terror tag

Islamabad, Sep 6 (EFE).- The Pakistani Taliban Monday warned journalists that they should stop describing it as a terrorist or extremist group if they did not want to pick enemies.

Mohamed Khurasani, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesperson, said labeling the outfit with such tags was a sign of prejudice.

“We call upon all the local and foreign journalists and media departments in the country that they refrain from being biased in the fight between the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and the security forces,” Khurasani said.

”We see that you refer to us as terrorists and extremists which is a clear vindication of your bias,” the spokesperson said.

Khurasani said being prejudiced was a blot on the media as they could not justify using the description chosen by its enemies.

“Call us as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Otherwise you will be disloyal to your profession and it will help make enemy for you,” Khurasani said.

The TTP is a conglomerate of various tribal groups formed in 2007.

It claims that its fighters seek to impose an Islamic state in Pakistan and owe allegiance to the Afghan Taliban.

Since its formation, the TTP has carried out a brutal militant campaign that has claimed 70,000 lives in the country, government data shows.

The latest of its attacks took place on Sunday when suicide bombers blew themselves up near a police checkpoint, killing three soldiers and injuring 20 others in the western city of Quetta.

In late April, the Pakistani Taliban killed five people and wounded 15 others at a luxury Quetta hotel that hosted the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan.

In another attack in June, eight people died, four of them soldiers, in Quetta.

Terrorist violence has declined markedly in Pakistan since the army launched an operation in the northwestern tribal areas in 2014.

But in recent months, attacks have increased again, coinciding with the rise of the Afghan Taliban that took control of Kabul on Aug.15.


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