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Palestinian ngo calls for inquiry into forced disappearance after mass grave found in Gaza

Jerusalem, Feb 1 (EFE).- Palestinian Prisoner’s Club, an NGO, on Thursday demanded an inquiry into the possibility that Palestinian prisioners are being hidden by Israel, which would classify as enforced disappearances, following the news that about 30 bodies were discovered on the grounds of a school in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian organization claimed that Israel refuses to provide international and Palestinian institutions with information about the wherabouts and charges against Palestinians detained in the Strip, while holding hundreds of detainees with the aim of “committing more crimes against them in secret.”

On Wednesday the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published on X (formerly Twitter) photographs of black body bags with tags in Hebrew and said that, according to testimonies of Palestininan citizens, more than 30 bodies were found “blindfolded and with their hands tied, in clear evidence that they were executed in a summary manner.”

Al Jazeera reported that it had spoken to some of the witnesses.

The PA called for the formation of an international investigation team into “the massacres committed by the occupation” and the “situation of the missing and detained civilians.”

The bodies were found in the city of Beit Lahia, an area besieged by Israeli troops on November during the Israeli military offensive focused on the far north of the enclave.

The siege of schools and hospitals in Beit Lahia in November coincided with the viralization of images in social media networks that showed dozens of Gazans, handcuffed and half-naked, emerging at gunpoint from buildings surrounded by Israeli forces.

Israel claimed they were “terrorists” who turned themselves in, while Palestinian sources reported abuse and torture during interrogations.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said in its statement that it had documentes testimonies of torture, degradation, and humiliation from those released, including women and children, amid an ongoing “genocide” and “enforced disappearances” in Gaza.

In late December, the Israel Prison Service announced the detention of 661 people in Gaza classified as “unlawful combatants,” including female prisoners, although the NGO claims most were civilians.

The war in Gaza enters its 118th day on Feb. 1, 2024, with more than 27,000 Gazans killed and more than 66,000 wounded. EFE


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