Pamplona to host Spain’s inaugural parkour championships

Pamplona, Spain, Nov 12 (EFE).- Parkour enthusiasts served up an appetizer Saturday as this northern Spanish city famous for the running of the bulls prepares to host the country’s first national championships in the sport.

Dozens of youngsters of both sexes took part in the workshop organized by the Backflip Navarra club in Pamplona’s Freedom Square.

The session began with an exhibition of the skills involved in moving from point A to point B using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency.

The aim of the event was to inspire kids to try parkour, Backflip Navarra club president Javier Gomez told EFE, describing the Nov. 19-29 competition as “an opportunity” for people to become acquainted with the sport.

“It is the art of movement” and offers participants scope to express their creativity as they cultivate physical fitness, he said.

Regarding concerns about safety, Gomez said that the risk can be reduced by using correct technique.

“It’s a risky sport, as are others. The idea of this is to offer the possibility of doing it well, of letting people know that there are clubs and coaches who can help them,” he said.

Andrey Aranguren, a Backflip Navarra instructor for the last six years, said that young children are the quickest learners. EFE


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