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Panodyssey improves features to curb “digital pollution”

Madrid, Jun 8 (EFE).- Panodyssey, the cultural social media platform for content creators, journalists, and readers, has launched its ‘Pro’ version in Spanish, with which it aims to become “a comprehensive solution” for users seeking to improve communication efficiency of their online content.

Founder and CEO Alexandre Leforestier has welcomed the launch as an alternative to the current models that, in his opinion, are part of “a system that is running out of steam and slowly crumbling as companies become aware of the costly waste.”

In an interview with EFE on Thursday, he said that “it is important to fight against digital pollution that consumes our attention span and our planet,” and be committed to the protection of intellectual property and quality content, compared to other streams with mass publishing.

Digital technologies used in the European Union alone account for 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions that Europe has to meet its commitment to keep the temperature rise of the planet below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

This was highlighted by the study “Digital Technologies in Europe: an Environmental Life Cycle Approach” promoted by the Greens/European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament, on the environmental consequences of digital activity.

“Publishing online takes a lot of time and content ends up in the garbage can after a few hours on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Companies around the world have been paying community organizers and web publishers for 20 years to write and publish content (…) Then companies have to pay advertising to be seen,” Leforestier said.

He insisted on the user’s responsibility to publish quality content, with independence, and in line with a more transparent digital model.

Panodyssey Pro incorporates three new exclusive tools: the option to highlight the profession of the person or company that has created its certified account to customize searches; updated search engines to find professional profiles; and a calendar to notify of news and promotions.

The developers have assured that these actions increase the visibility of publications on the web “in the short and long term,” thanks to the open architecture of the social network and the indexing of content published on the platform since search engines “appreciate the absence of fake content and profiles, which has a positive impact on SEO performance.”

Panodyssey is part of CREA (Creative Room European Alliance), a consortium of European companies, organizations, and entities, of which Agencia EFE is a member.

The cultural social network is present throughout Europe and in five languages -English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian-, and the goal is to connect 10 million creators and 100 million users by 2030.

As for the Pro version, so far in all languages, it comprises 3% of its user base, including authors such as the writer and philosopher Jean-Marc Ferry, the proofreader Sophie Bigaignon under the Correcto Ergo Sum brand, and companies such as the book publisher Linea Edizioni, the news website WorldCrunch and the European Observatory for Plurilingualism. EFE


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