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Pardon Our Dust: a non-binary exhibition in the metaverse

Vienna, Jul 23 (EFE).- An unconventional exhibition in Vienna showcases a metaverse world through the eyes of a virtual character ​​La Turbo Avedon.

La Turbo Avedon is an avatar, artist, and curator born in 2008/09 in the metaverse of the online computer game Second Life.

Through a virtual gallery of digital sculptures, photographs and videos, the Pardon Our Dust exhibition — a reference to the slogan used by Internet sites in the 1990s to indicate their sites were in progress — serves as a metaphor of the creation of a free digital world under construction.

The collection — curated by an unknown artist — features five synchronized screens that function as mirrors to a central projection.

LaTurbo Avedon criticizes the supposed decentralization of the Internet, the privatization of cyberspace and the commercial legacy of the physical world, which is also perpetuated online.

All the sculptures and landscapes in the exhibition are inspired by popular video games such as Final Fantasy and Minecraft and are part of an elaborate simulation in the metaverse.

LaTurbo Avedon is a non-binary character to show how gender identities are much more fluid in the metaverse as well as in reality, where the gap between the real and virtual world is getting smaller and smaller.

Visitors can visit the exhibition at the Vienna MAK — Museum of Applied Arts until September 25. EFE


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